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     When we are staying in a nice, hot, and tropical place, we are always looking for that one hotspot where the sun always shines… the beach! When you have a day off what better way is there to spend your day other than relaxing on a sandy surface, the sun in your face, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore? Sounds like Paradise right? Well it is, Surfer’s Paradise to be precise and exactly the paradise for surfers. This beautiful hot spot is located in the Gold Coast about an hour and a half outside of Brisbane. There is more to do than just lay out and get skin cancer, there’s also tons of shopping boutiques where tourists like myself can go bankrupt in just about 2 hours, but don’t worry the food is just cheap enough so you can spend most of your money on the stuff that lasts forever (haha). If you do plan to visit sometime I recommend shopping wednesday nights or the weekends because a small swap meet takes place and they have really neat stuff. (more…)


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cunninghamToday we visited Professor Stuart Cunningham at the Queensland University of Technology. He was very friendly and eager share with us information about Australian media.

We learned a great deal of helpful information about how Australian media works, and also how it differs from media in the United States. He claimed that innovation and convergence is happening in the public sector of media, whereas in the commercial sector, simulcasting is taking place rather than adding new content. (more…)

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pict00161Today we ventured to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) here in Brisbane. The displays there were amazing! All of the artwork was based around the theme: “Contemporary Australia: Optimism” – each portraying how the artists view the world through positive eyes.  

The inspiring art displays included: paintings (some of which looked as though they were actually a photograph), sculptures, drawings, video instalations, among many other  art forms. (more…)

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Tomorrow we will be visiting the ABC Television station. ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation which came to be the new ABC by the 1980’s. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation replaced the old ABC which used to be referred to as the Australian Broadcasting Commission.  (more…)

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Congrats, it’s a boy! Let me introduce you to Hungry Jacks. Coming from a long line of worldwide royalty, Hungry Jack’s is a franchise of “The king” Burger King. Instead of the slogan “Have it your way” Jack says, “The Burgers are better.” When the girls and I came across this whopper blinking in the window we questioned ourselves, “Is this Burger king or Jack in the box?” It’s a fascinating thing because it has the same Burger King logo and the man’s meal the juicy “whopper” is it’s main attraction but it also includes Jack’s name like Jack in the box. Why the name Jack though? I went to Hungry Jack’s website and it didn’t say. Another question that boggles our mind is “If Burger King is an International franchise, then why not just call it Burger King like the rest?” or even “Hungry King!”

Thanks to Brittany for the clever slogan!!

There are so many other fast food restaurants that seem to have those funny mixes to them. I came across a “Donut King” in this incredible five floor level mall. Maybe that’s the reason Hungry Jack’s didn’t get its royalty because those sweet delicious donuts stole the crown. I have still yet to try Hungry Jack’s burgers but when I do I will let you know how much better they really are.

Hungry Jack’s Position Statement: “HUNGRY JACK”S offer the most delicious hamburgers at the best value for money to really satisfy your hunger.”

With that being said, I will surely get back to you guys with my Hungry Jack’s experience.

To Be Continued…

OKAY SO I’M BACK.. sorry it took so long I kind of forgot about this post. So I tried the there burger’s lets just say as Americans we should feel very guilty. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I can explain. So you know how sometimes you get these random cravings for a whopper and some fries and you know you really shouldn’t or you don’t really need it and you know you have the power to pick something healthy over something fatty? BUT you decide to go for the fatty since it’s fast, good, and you convince yourself you never really eat fast food all the time so just this one time won’t hurt you? Well Hungry Jack’s or even the Mcdonalds here doesn’t give you that guilt trip after stuffing your mouth with loads of unhealthy calories! I don’t know what it is but after eating a whopper, or a cripsy chicken sandwhich with my side of fries and a coke doesn’t make me feel like I’ve just downed a jar of grease or oil. Australia’s fast food is fast, real fast and tastes a lot healthier than america’s fast food. Maybe the burgers are just dry or american burger’s are just greasy but I guess if you like greasy burgers then Hungry Jack’s Burgers aren’t better but I enjoyed my meal. I just had a Big Mac for lunch and I feel GUILT FREE!

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