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     When we are staying in a nice, hot, and tropical place, we are always looking for that one hotspot where the sun always shines… the beach! When you have a day off what better way is there to spend your day other than relaxing on a sandy surface, the sun in your face, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore? Sounds like Paradise right? Well it is, Surfer’s Paradise to be precise and exactly the paradise for surfers. This beautiful hot spot is located in the Gold Coast about an hour and a half outside of Brisbane. There is more to do than just lay out and get skin cancer, there’s also tons of shopping boutiques where tourists like myself can go bankrupt in just about 2 hours, but don’t worry the food is just cheap enough so you can spend most of your money on the stuff that lasts forever (haha). If you do plan to visit sometime I recommend shopping wednesday nights or the weekends because a small swap meet takes place and they have really neat stuff. (more…)


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