cunninghamToday we visited Professor Stuart Cunningham at the Queensland University of Technology. He was very friendly and eager share with us information about Australian media.

We learned a great deal of helpful information about how Australian media works, and also how it differs from media in the United States. He claimed that innovation and convergence is happening in the public sector of media, whereas in the commercial sector, simulcasting is taking place rather than adding new content. Continue Reading »


matYesterday we celebrated Australia Day with hundreds of Aussies at the Story Bridge Hotel Cockroach Races here in Brisbane. Under a blazing sun, we sat and watched as cockroaches were released from a bucket in the middle of a large circle…the first cockroach to the edge was declared the winner. This event was unlike anything I have ever witnessed before!  The excitement of the crowd was incredible as they cheered on the cockroaches. One person whose cockroach won a race was so overjoyed, and caught up in the moment, that he actually ATE his live cockroach! Continue Reading »

Stuart Cunningham

stuart-cunninghamTomorrow as we visit Stuart Cunningham, here are a few facts about what he has done for Australian media and why he is passionate about it.

Stuart Cunningham dabbles in all forms of media but he is most passionate about film. Despite being the author of our novel Media in Australia that we read for the class,  he has served as a commissioner of the Australian Film Commission, he was the foundation chair of Queensland, and is President of the Council for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.   Continue Reading »


With our trip coming to an end (so sad!) we only have a couple media site visits left. Tomorrow we are headed to the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) to talk with Michael Dezanni who coordinates and teaches film and media curriculum units. ATOM is a non-profit teacher organization providing support for media teachers and primarily secondary students. The first film and television syllabus was published and used in schools in 1981 in Queensland. Members of ATOM have been apart of every major development in media education in Queensland. We look forward to our tour and learning about workshops they provide and teach.

Optimism is key!

pict00161Today we ventured to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) here in Brisbane. The displays there were amazing! All of the artwork was based around the theme: “Contemporary Australia: Optimism” – each portraying how the artists view the world through positive eyes.  

The inspiring art displays included: paintings (some of which looked as though they were actually a photograph), sculptures, drawings, video instalations, among many other  art forms. Continue Reading »

Australia after dark

The Marly Bar- Site visit endorsed but not visited by Joanne.

For spending a month in Australia you can’t expect us to stay in the classroom the whole time. Exploring the nightlife has been of interest to many of us and has opened us up to unique and fun experiences. With our hotel located in the heart of the city, we have discovered Brisbane to have the most happening clubs and bars in walking distance. Our first night in Brisbane we went to this Irish Bar which was a popular spot. It was “throwback to the 90’s” night and we enjoyed dancing and meeting the locals. Continue Reading »

Travel Tip #1:

Keep an eye on your personal belongings, aka your purse

Travel Tip #2:

Do not keep valuables inside your purse

Travel Tip #3:

Realize that money is just money, and horrible drivers liscense pictures will be happily replaced. Continue Reading »